How to find culprits who are involved in betting of games?

Betting world has made life horrible for people with low income range. However, these common people would hardly get to know who exactly is running this business that is spoiling many lives and many families. As a cop if you have to know about all culprits who are involved in this business, then it becomes very important that you form as a team and then start investigating facts. Since, this business is run by very rich guys you could hardly get any evidences against them. People may not be knowing their identity at all. Also, people who are working under such culprits would also not have seen each other and hence there are less chances of identifying criminals involved in such incidents or in such businesses.

So, what best you could do when it is your turn to continue with team and complete investigation and announce names. You could not simply give away some names to public so that they are satisfied with your job. You should find culprits and introduce them to public. So, right from operators of the place where betting is happening, you could get couple of people under control and to have such control it is important that you prove that all people whom you have caught are involved in crime. To prove this you may not have evidence filed against each person but with due help from you could get clearance from law so as to let you investigate people whom you have found to be involved with this crime.
It is a good decision to rely on lie detecting services and continue your research and know the culprits who are inspiring people to get involved into this gambling world and making them mad and thus result in losing their most valuable money and lives.