Following mining setup guide is always important

Why do you think you should follow guide that is provided online for setting up system with which you could do mining? Guide has every single detail that is required for setting up system for finding all powerful cryptocurrency that is of high importance to you. You could manage configuring mother board by planning to integrate GPU with mother board, you could configure SSD and SATA in a way that the load is distributed across GPUs and PSUs. You could also configure or increase virtual memory by manually setting initial size and maximum size.

You could check how each of the components are working so that you could confirm that mining is possible immediately after system set up is complete. Since you would be configuring on windows you could always check how Ethereum Mining Windows would be done by viewing step by step details that are provided along with relevant screen shots that are captured while setting up windows system. Don’t you think by looking at these screen shots you could easily get to those pages that would enable you everything that is related to mining set up?
Windows 10 registry tweaks are also quite essential as they would let you do quality mining than quantity mining. When you do quantity mining you would be interested in the beginning but eventually would get disappointed that you are not getting expected returns on time invested by you. Hence, it is recommended that you do all sorts of tweaks set up so that unfruitful links would be eliminated or blocked so that you always end up in doing quality mining that would yield good returns. All your questions could be easily answered once you look at the website that does provide all details pertaining to setting up every single component of your system that would aid for mining.